Beer #178- Duncan's / BA Juniper IPA

Beer #178 - W/C 23 July 2018


BREWERY // George Duncan's story is similar to that of many talented brewers- after years of brewing fantastic beers in his kitchen, he listened to his friends/fans and started a brewing company to share his beers with a wider audience. After two and a half years of contract brewing, Duncan's recently opened a dedicated brewery in Paraparaumu on the beautiful Kapiti Coast which has a cellar door (also staffed by George). Duncan's won 4 medals in the last Brewers Guild of New Zealand Awards which is very impressive for a brewery that had only been open for a matter of months. Look out for George at Beervana next week - he's the guy with a huge grin and a sea-captain beard - where he'll be pouring some brand new beers.

BEER // Duncan's Juniper IPA is a big, hop-forward beer cut through with delicate, dry, aromatic gin-like flavours from a juniper addition which quickly became a fan favourite. George wondered what the beer would taste like if he took a batch and amped up the flavours to give it a Negroni twist. He started by making a dark candi sugar with bitter orange peel which had the combined result of upping the ABV and giving it a touch of sweet citrus. Some coriander and a lot of extra juniper were also added before the beer was aged in an oak Chardonnay barrel. The result is well balanced and semi-sweet with all of the subtle flavours playing a part. When we heard there was only one barrel in existence, we bought almost the entire batch to ensure you Jerks didn't miss out.

Hear George talk about the beer in the video below.

Duncan's. BA Juniper from Beer Jerk on Vimeo.


BREWERY // Duncan's
BEER // Barrel Aged Juniper IPA
STYLE // Imperial IPA
Paraparaumu. Kapiti Coast

ABV // 8.7%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 30mins out of the fridge
Turkey Sandwich. Vegetable Biryani. Sauerbraten. Crème Brûlée.

GLASS // IPA Glass