Beer #168 - Behemoth / Passion of the Fruit

Beer #168 - W/C 14 May 2018


BREWERY // Andrew Childs (aka the Beer Giraffe) is a big guy and he loves big beers. A few years ago he quit his job as a Wellington lawyer to start working at a brew pub and learn the craft of making his favourite drink on a larger scale. We're glad he did because since then, he has been brewing some really excellent beers. The Behemoth team are currently working hard at finding the ideal location for an Auckland brewpub. Vital to the success of Behemoth is their mascot, Churly. Thirsty Churly graces each Behemoth bottle label and bar tap. Fortunately he is happy to accept beer in lieu of modelling fees.

BEER // Andrew was inspired to use passionfruit in a beer while on a trip to Vietnam where the fruit can be found everywhere. A shedload of Vietnamese passionfruit was added to a base of pale malt, wheat and oats to make for a hazy, well rounded beer with great mouthfeel. Many Behemoth beers are all about the hops but Passion is a definite fruit showcase. The addition of fruit results in a slightly tart and sour beer which is extremely refreshing and (obviously) tropical. Smashable.

BREWERY // Behemoth

BEER // Passion Of The Fruit 
STYLE // Passionfruit Pale Ale
ORIGIN // Auckland
ABV // 4%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 8-10C
FOOD MATCH // Vietnamese Spring Rolls. Nom How Chuoi. Coconut Panna Cotta.
GLASS // IPA Glass, Tulip