Beer #164 - Double Vision / Smooth Operator

Beer #164 - W/C 16 April 2018

BREWERY // Double Vision are Evarn, Warren, Mario & Harry. A bunch of Wellington based mates whose enthusiasm for home brewing became more than a hobby when they officially launched in July 2016. Before then, their 100L pilot brewery had been working overtime and their bar manager friends started to insist they ramp up production so they could sell DVB beers in their bar. By day the foursome are engineers and graphic designers but by night (as well as evenings, weekends and early mornings) they become Double Vision. They draw influence from a wide variety of beer cultures with Warren being involved with the Colorado beer scene and Evarn having fallen in love with European styles while living in Holland. They are gypsy brewers who test a beer a dozen or more times on their pilot brewery before scaling up to brew with their friends at breweries around the country.

BEER // The USA saw a huge influx of German immigrants during the 1830s and 40s and they brought with them a thirst for the lagers of their homeland. Before then, traditional English styles such as Mild and Stout had prevailed. Eventually a new style was born and Cream Ale became one of the most popular styles right up to Prohibition in 1920. Cream Ales are made with top fermenting yeast (like an ale) but undergo cold conditioning (like a lager) which makes for a very clean, light, crisp beer which closely resembles it's forbear, Kölsch. The Double Vision team thought the clean style would make the perfect base for their cream soda inspired creation incorporating Gisborne honey and whole vanilla beans. Check out the video below to hear a lot more about the creation of this beer from Warren & Mario.
Double Vision. Smooth Operator from Beer Jerk on Vimeo.

BREWERY // Double Vision
BEER // Smooth Operator
STYLE // Cream Ale
ORIGIN // Wellington
ABV // 4.7%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 8-10C
FOOD MATCH // Lamb Curry. Lemon Custard Tart. Cinnamon Bun.
GLASS // Tulip