Beer #146 - Mata / Hop Lips

Beer #146 - W/C 11 December 2017

BREWERY // In 2005 Tammy Viitakangas returned to NZ after a beer filled OE with a desire to start her own brewery. She set up in beautiful Kawerau and 11 years later Mata Beer is still going strong with the help of mum- Gloria, dad- Jouni and uncles Timo & Esko. Tammy's Maori & Finnish heritage occasionally surfaces in Mata's beers such as Taniwha which is made with hangi-cooked kumara and the glorious Sahti which is inspired by the traditional Finnish drink made with juniper berries and rye malts. The Mata team have been hard at work building a brand new brewery 30 minutes from their current one by the beach in Whakatane. It will be open for Christmas and they will have a tap room for sampling on site as well as take-aways. We're looking forward to a Bay of Plenty road trip already!

BEER // Who doesn't love a great American IPA? We've even had suggestions that Beer Jerk start an IPA Jerk splinter project and we're certain we wouldn't be short of supply. There is a reason why big IPA's outsell every other style in craft beer and that reason is that they are delicious. Hop Lips is Mata's take on the modern classic American IPA style made with a shedload of American hops. It's fresh, juicy and packed with grapefruit, stone fruit and resinous pine aroma and flavours over a slightly sweet malt base. It makes for very easy drinking and is perfectly matched to a sunny afternoon.

BEER // American IPA
ORIGIN // Kawerau
ABV // 6.3%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. 7-11 C
FOOD MATCH // Pork Belly. Spicy beetroot, kumara, kidney bean & ginger burger. Dolcelatte & caramelised onion tart w/ mango chutney. Orange & rosemary cake.
GLASS // IPA Glass