Beer #142 - Notella / Behemoth

Beer #142 - W/C 13 November 2017

Behemoth. Notella from Beer Jerk on Vimeo.


BREWERY // Andrew Childs (aka the Beer Giraffe) is a big guy and he loves big beers. A few years ago he quit his job as a Wellington lawyer to start working at a brew pub (taking a gigantic pay cut) and learn the craft of making his favourite drink on a larger scale. We're glad he did because since then, he has been brewing some really excellent beers. The Behemoth team are currently working hard at finding the ideal location for an Auckland brewpub. Vital to the success of Behemoth is their mascot, Churly. Thirsty Churly graces each Behemoth bottle label and bar tap. Fortunately he is happy to accept beer in lieu of modelling fees.

BEER // In 1806 Napoleon barred British ships entering all harbours under French control which let to a continental shortage of cocoa. An enterprising chocolatier in Turin named Michele Prochet extended his limited chocolate supply by mixing it with local hazelnuts to invent a sweet spread named Gianduja. The delicious flavour combination was the inspiration for this beer although, clearly none of the Behemoth team could think of a good pun name based on the word Gianduja. Notella started as a full bodied stout made with lots of roasted and chocolate malts. Then cocoa nibs, tincture of hazelnut and Dutch cocoa powder were added to result in a beer which tastes just like... well, we'll leave that for you to decide.

Check out our video interview with Andrew below.

BREWERY // Behemoth
BEER // Notella
ORIGIN // Auckland
STYLE // Chocolate Hazelnut Porter
ABV // 7%
IBU // 25
HOPS // Pacific Jade
MALT // Caramel/Crystal Malt - 110L (Bairds), Chocolate Malt (Bairds), Harraway's Rolled Oats, Munich II (Weyermann), Roasted Barley
TEMPERATURE // Room Temperature
FOOD MATCH // Bacon Sandwich. Pretzels. Vanilla Ice Cream. S'mores.
GLASS // Porter Glass. Jam Jar