Beer #117 - Victory / Prima Pils

Beer #117 - W/C 22 May 2017

BREWERY // The story of Victory is one of friendship. Ron Barchet and Bill Covaleski met on the school bus in 1973 on the first day of fifth grade. The boys became fast friends even as they moved to study on opposite coasts of the USA. Bill became interested in home brewing after his father introduced him to the craft. When he gave Ron a home-brew kit for Christmas 1985 they began a friendly beer making rivalry. Over the next decade Bill and Ron worked as brewers in the US and both studied brewing in Germany. They finally opened Victory Brewing in Pennsylvania in 1996. Their beers combine European tradition and ingredients with New World American creativity.

BEER // 
Prima was real trailblazer when it hit American 21 years ago. There had simply been nothing like it before. Pilsners came to America by way of German immigrant brewers but industrialisation and cost cutting-meant that the beers soon became a pale, tasteless imitation of their esteemed forebears. The Pilsner style originated in Pilsen, Bohemia in 1838 when a Bavarian was hired to teach local brewers the German art of 'lagering'. They mastered this new style with the beer becoming so popular local brewery Pilsner Urquell gave it its name and the Germans took inspiration from the Bohemians. Prima is an amplified homage to the classic German style. The classic German noble hop varieties give this beer distinct earthy, grassy aroma and flavour. Whole flower hops (rather than pelletised) are used to retain the subtle and nuanced flavours. Prima is a perfectly executed example of the pilsner style being very light, crisp and dry with a long hoppy finish.

Downington, Pennsylvania 
ABV //
HOPS // 
Hallertau, Tettnang, Saaz, Spalt Select
Fresh from the fridge - around 6C
BBQ Haloumi & Broccoli. Burgers. Tandoori. Rosemary Shortbread.
Flute. Footed Pilsner