Beer #116 - Blackman's / Ernie

Beer #116 - W/C 15 May 2017

BREWERY // Before starting his own brewery, Renn Blackman worked in breweries in Western Australia and London. In 2013 he returned home to Torbay, Australia setting up Blackman's Brewery just half an hour's drive from his childhood home and (perhaps more importantly) only 500m from the beach. The family theme runs through to beer naming as well with the core beers being named after members of the Blackman family. The brewery is in the rear of the brewery and restaurant and the surf town location means Blackman's has been added to our ever-expanding 'must visit brewery' list.

BEER // 
"Made with sessionability and Sinatra in mind". Some beers can try too hard. Sure, many of us love an 11% imperial cherry wheat beer aged in calvados barrels, but sometimes (usually, in fact) a beautifully balanced Golden Ale is just the ticket. The Golden Ale style was developed by real ale brewers in Britain in the 1980's to win over lager fans. Ernie is brewed with lots of Australian Ella and Galaxy hops which make for a floral aroma and flavour with lots of lemon and grapefruit. The crisp ale has a medium body and just enough bitterness to keep things interesting while you knock back a couple. Do yourself a favour, kick back with a glass of Ernie in your hand and Sinatra on the hi-fi.

Golden Ale
Torbay, Australia
ABV //
IBU //
Cool 7-10C
Prawn Cocktail. Baked Chicken Breast. Lentil Kofka
Tulip. IPA Glass