Beer #101 - Birra del Borgo & Dogfish Head / My Antonia

Beer #101 - W/C 30 January 2017


BREWERY // Birra del Borgo brewery is situated in Borgorose, a small village in the mountains of Lazio, central Italy. Leonardo di Vincenzo decided to abandon his academic studies in Biochemistry in favour of starting a brewery after discovering the real ales of England- a flavour revelation in comparison to the majority of Italian beers around in the early 2000's. Each year in early June enthusiasts come together in Borgorose to celebrate Birra del Borgo Day with great music, food and beer. 
Dogfish Head was founded by Sam Calagione in Delaware, USA twenty one years ago and has a reputation for crafting unusual and remarkable beers. The 'Ancient Ales' are especially interesting- created with the help of a molecular biologist to recreate beers from previous millennia by studying residue from pottery buried in the tomb of King Midas, a Neolithic Chinese village and more. Dogfish Head are a longtime lead sponsor of Beer Advocate's annual Extreme Beer Fest which is happening in Boston this weekend.

BEER // My Antonia is a 1912 novel by Willa Cather and the title character is a 'bold and free-hearted young Bohemian girl who moves to Nebraska'. As Bohemia is the birthplace of Pilsner, we can see why Leonardo & Sam chose the name for this strong and intense beer. Neither brewer is known for their lager-style beers and this may be the only bottom fermented beer made by BdB- it is a lager for ale lovers. A truly collaborative beer, each brewer took turns choosing ingredients. Dogfish Head introduced the World to 'continually hopped' beer with their 90 Minute IPA and that technique was used here with a 60 minute dry hopping of Simcoe, Warrier and Saaz for maximum aroma without extreme bitterness. Being 'Imperial', this beer is bigger bodied with a higher ABV than a classic pilsner. The pronounced hop medley is in turns citrus-y, floral and grassy. There is also a distinct holy sweetness and touch of peppery spice.

BREWERY // Birra del Borgo / Dogfish Head
BEER // My Antonia
STYLE // Continually Hopped Imperial Pils
ORIGIN // Lazio, Italy
ABV // 7.5%
IBU // 76
HOPS // Simcoe, Warrier and Saaz
TEMPERATURE // Cold - 5-7C
FOOD MATCH // Grilled Chicken & Citrus Salad. Pepperoni Pizza. Manchego Cheese. Ethiopian Sweet Potato & Lentil Wat.
GLASS // Snifter, Pilsner Glass