Beer #47 - Morimoto Soba Ale / Rogue

Beer #47 - W/C 18 January 2016


"Just left of boredom and right of irresponsibility"

Rogue are a self styled revolutionary brewery that have a 'mission', a 'way' and a 'fundamental agreement'- check them out HERE. Since 1988, they have been producing remarkable beer in Oregon, USA and have more recently expanded to distilling spirits. They have never seen malt, hops, yeast and water as the end of the ingredient spectrum- incorporating hazelnuts, pumpkin, marioberries and purple corn nectar into their beers. They even have a range of doughnut inspired beers brewed in collaboration with their legendary Portland neighbours, Voodoo Doughnuts.


This beer was launched in 2003 with award winning chef Masaharu Morimoto. Buckwheat (aka soba) is a very common grain in Russian and Japanese cuisine. It has no relation to wheat and is part of the rhubarb family. It imparts a difficult to describe light nutty, doughy quality with a little sweetness. The hops add bitterness and a floral, grassy flavour. Morimoto Soba is light, refreshing and pairs very well with delicately flavoured food. It is a pretty unique beer and we're looking forward to seeing what Beer Jerks think of it. 

BREWERY // Rogue
BEER // Morimoto
STYLE // Soba Ale
ORIGIN // Newport, Oregon
MALT // 2 Row, C15, Rogue Farms Dare, Risk & Munich
HOPS // Rogue Farms Rebel
YEAST // Pacman
OTHER // Roasted Soba
IBU // 30
ABV // 4.5%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 7-10C
FOOD MATCH // Sushi, Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls