Beer #26 - Brew Mountain / Pale Pat Supreme

Beer #26 - W/C 24 August 2015


An observer, given over to a trust in divine providence or the belief in that fickle master 'Fate', could note that if it wasn't for Joseph Wood of Liberty Brewing, Brew Mountain may never in fact have got off the ground. We, however, don't go in for providence and we'll risk poking fun at fate. While its true that Liam and Shannon snagged Joseph's mash tun and kettle the success of Brew Mountain is purely the work of its stalwart founders. Situated in New Plymouth, Brew Mountain was founded by Liam Tranter and brothers Shannon and Kelly Ryan (Kelly being a multi-award winning brewer and internationally respected beer judge). Up until December 2014 Brew Mountain's beer was only available in Keg format making it impossible for us regular Joe's to get our hands on smaller more portable versions. Its great news then that Brew Mountain experienced such good growth in its first 6 months that it very quickly graduated to bottling its beer (the proof of which should soon be nestled in your favoured drinking hand). The first beer to get this treatment is their most popular, Pale Pat Supreme. Another excellent example of a Kiwi brewery doing it right!


Pale Pat Supreme was brewed in honour of the late Pat Ryan, one of New Zealand's greatest boxers and a 1972 Olympian. This beer is a fine example of the Golden Ale style and, while dedicated to an excellent boxer, it doesn't pack a huge hop punch but rather finds a subtle balance between plentiful hops flavour and a full yet gentle malt profile. New Zealand's finest malted barley and a combination of New Zealand and American hops come together to create this delightful golden ale. Tropical fruit and grapefruit aromatics, a full malty body and a crisp, clean finish make this the perfect drop to drink in the shadow of the mountain or, as the label notes, by the sea. Very drinkable this beer is best served cool.

BREWERY // Brew Mountain
BEER // Pale Pate Supreme
STYLE // Golden Ale
ORIGIN // New Plymouth, the Naki
ABV // 4.6%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. 8C to 12C
FOOD MATCH // Great with meat, all meat. Fish Tacos. Vegetable Curry. Spicy Dishes. 
GLASS // Pint Glass. Beer Boot. Nonic Glass

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