Beer #13 - Honey Saison / Almanac

 Beer #13 - W/C 25 May 2015


The Almanac Beer Company laugh in the face of the Reinheitsgebot - the 1487 German beer purity law stating that beer must contain only water, barley and hops (the existence of yeast was yet to be known) - and put anything they think will taste good in their beer. Every beer they make is a collaboration with a different local farm with pumpkins, peaches, cherries and cocoa making it into their various beers along with California grown barley and American hops. As a young, small brewery Almanac are gypsy brewers and create their beers using brewery equipment at local breweries. Like many of our recent selections, this beer hails from California- San Francisco to be precise.

Saisons are generally known as a refreshing beer, perfect for Springtime drinking. We're not ones to let the calendar dictate what we can drink when though and neither are Almanac, describing their Honey Saison as a year-round Saison. With warming ginger and notes of honey, we found it a perfect companion for a cool evening. The honey in the beer comes from Marshall's Farm in California where Spencer & Helene Marshall harvests wildflower honey from their migratory bee hives. Softly carbonated with a pillowy white head, the beer pours a rich marmalade colour and has a medium body. Honey Saison is zesty, crisp and dry with notes of tart citrus and white grape. Best enjoyed with eyes closed reminiscing about an imaginary childhood on a 19th century French farm amidst hay bales and honeybees.

BREWERY // Almanac Beer
BEER // Honey Saison
STYLE // Saison
ORIGIN // San Francisco, California
ABV // 4.8%
HOPS // Saaz, Mt Hood
TEMPERATURE // Cool. Around 10C
FOOD MATCH // Classic Chinese or Thai dishes
GLASS // Tulip