Beer #12 - Double Stout / Green Flash

 Beer #12 - W/C 18 May 2015


Green Flash Brewing Co. is yet another awesome brewery based in San Diego -we think a trip may be in order very soon. Since 2002 they have built a reputation for creating World class beers in a variety of styles. Their West Coast IPA arguably defined a style and is worth seeking out. Recent years have seen more seasonal and limited release beers with brewer Chuck Silva focussing particular attention on barrel-aged beers. 

Double (aka Imperial) Stouts are a favourite of beer connoisseurs the World over with the style being over represented in most 'top 100 beers' lists you will see. There is good reason for this- double stouts are absolutely delicious and many brewers see it as a source of pride to have a great one in their beer arsenal. The unimaginatively named Double Stout from Green Flash is an excellent example of the style. They started by recreating classic 19th Century British recipes and gave them a modern, American twist. Meaning they added some more hops and made it a bit stronger. This is a big, rich and bold beer which may not be for everyone. It has bucketloads of coffee and smokey chocolate flavour as well as molasses and chocolate which is underlined with a definite bitter, floral background from the UK Target hops. 

BREWERY // Green Flash
BEER // Double Stout
STYLE // Imperial Stout
ORIGIN // San Diego, California
ABV // 8.8%
IBU // 45
MALT // Golden Naked Oats, Dark Crystal, Roasted
HOPS // UK Target
TEMPERATURE // Around 14C. A little cooler than room temp.
FOOD MATCH //  Bacon wrapped Dates with Stilton. Prime Rib. Tiramisu
GLASS // Snifter