Beer #2 - Scarlett / Speakeasy

Beer #2 - W/C 9 March 2015



"A good job as an archetypal ’rye’ beer if you’re trying to show someone what that is" EithCubes on

Scarlett is all about balance. The sweet toffee notes of the malted barley work with the fresh rye bread and smoke flavour of the chocolate rye. The earthy pine flavour from the hops compliment the beer as a whole, rather than overwhelming it. Not many beers encompass and accommodate for so many subtle flavours without any one overwhelming the others. Look out for notes of black pepper, nuts and leather in this silky rye ale. Many of the subtle flavours will be lost if this beer is served too cold- an hour in the fridge should be enough to bring it to the optimum 10C temperature.

BREWERY // Speakeasy
BEER // Scarlett
STYLE // Red Rye Ale
ORIGIN // San Francisco, USA
ABV // 5.5%
IBU // 38
MALT // Two Row Pale, Flaked Rye, CaraMunich, Chocolate Rye, CaraAroma
HOPS // Columbus, Cascade, Chinook

FOOD MATCH // Blue cheese burger. Salt & vinegar chips. Cajun Gumbo.