Beer #64 - Black Sands / India Pale Ale

Beer #64 - W/C 16 May 2016


BREWERY // Ian Hebblethwaite's first batch of beer earned him a severe caning. To be fair, the Pineapple Brew he brewed and sold to his mates at boarding school in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa was probably pretty bloody awful. Fortunately the beers he crafts with head brewer Mark (who moonlights as Weezledog) are rather more nuanced affairs. Black Sands is proudly West Auckland, down to the Lion Rock illustration on the label. The brewery is still relatively small with a 600L capacity meaning they are constantly brewing fresh beer to keep up with demand for the Auckland region. Keep an eye out for their new American Pale Ale which is dry hopped and packed with tropical flavour.

TASTING NOTES // What India Pale Ale lacks in name innovation, it makes up for in being damn tasty. Don't expect a hop bomb in this classic English-style, yet distinctively New Zealand IPA. Pacifica and Nelson Sauvin hops make for lots of floral, orange marmalade and gooseberry aroma and flavour. An English yeast makes for a more complex, estery beer with less attenuation making for a slightly sweeter flavour. Five different malts were used to give decent body and balance with delicious caramel notes. Overall it is on the dry side with a lingering bitterness. And it's very, very more-ish.

BREWERY // Black Sands
BEER // India Pale Ale
STYLE // India Pale Ale
ORIGIN // Kelston. West Auckland
ABV // 6%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. 30mins out of the fridge
FOOD MATCH // Salty Kumara Chips with Beer Mayo. Roast Beef.
GLASS // Tulip. IPA Glass
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