Beer #63 - Moor / Hoppiness

Beer #63 - W/C 9 May 2016


This isn't your regular IPA. Moor went about designing a crisp Pale Ale with all 'the rich malt and fruit flavours of a Barley Wine". We reckon they nailed it- there is more than a hint of Barley Wine malt character which works as a wonderful foil to the bitterness and big dry hop profile. The aroma is citrus, peachy hops with toffee malt. Sweet biscuit-y flavours are countered by juicy, pine-y bitterness. It is easy for a brewer to lob a load of hops into a brew but this kind of balance requires true mastery.

High expectations can be a blessing or a curse. Hoppiness gets a 98 rating on RateBeer which might cause some drinkers to place it on a pedestal before even trying it yet others to be actively looking for things to dislike. Fortunately Beer Jerks are a completely objective bunch who will rate the beer purely on their experience of it. 

BEER // Hoppiness
STYLE // India Pale Ale
ORIGIN // Somerset, England
ABV // 6.5%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. About an hour out of the fridge
FOOD MATCH // Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms. Leek & Potato Soup. Teriyaki Beef Skewers. Pecan Pie.
GLASS // Tulip. IPA Glass
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