Beer #57 - Parleyer / Funk Estate

Beer #57 - W/C 28 March 2016


BREWERY // While none of the 3 guys at Funk Estate has an afro, they all sport rather fetching beards. Shigeo, Jordan and Dylan were young Wellington beer enthusiasts who got together to drink and to brew collaboratively. Inevitably Funk Estate was born. Four years later they are doing what they set out to do- "pleasing crowds without being a typical crowd-pleaser". Following their success at the Brewers Guild last year (where they scored a stack of medals) they made a move up to Auckland's Great North Road where they are cranking up production, embracing cans, working on new beers and (I'm hoping) planning to open a tap room soon.

TASTING NOTES // A 'parley' is an old fashioned word for discussion which makes Parleyer an apt name for Beer Jerk beer of the week (we'll ignore the part about the most common usage being in relation to enemies speaking). The Pilsner style has a noble history and great examples are not hard to find, yet the style is oft overlooked by beer enthusiasts. With imperial stouts, sours, fresh hopped IPAs and beers with endless random ingredients vying for our attention, we can hardly be blamed. Parleyer is a refreshing example of a style done well with a New Zealand twist. It is everything a pilsner should be- crisp, dry, effervescent and light. The well balanced pine and lime flavours from the hops make this a perfect Summer afternoon beer. 

BREWERY // Funk Estate
BEER // Parleyer
STYLE // Pilsner
ORIGIN // Auckland
ABV // 4.5%
FOOD MATCH // Fresh basic, tomato & mozzarella sandwich. Bratwurst. Rosemary shortbread.
GLASS // Pilsner Glass. Nonic Pint
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