Zeelandt X Small Gods / Brunhilde's Fate 5.65% - 500ml Bottles

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Once upon a time all beers tasted a little smokey. Malted grains were kilned over wood fires until the introduction of smoke-less coke a century or two ago which meant maltsters could roast non-smokey pale malts and beers like Bitter and Pilsner were born. The brewers of Bamburg, Bavaria saw no need to change - they liked the wonderfully complex flavours imparted from beechwood smoke. And so did their customers. Brünhilde's Fate is an homage to those great brewers and Luke & Christopher chose to use another archaic practise by doing a decoction mash. That is basically a slow and laborious way of steadily heating the wort in steps to result in a beer with more layers of sweet complexity that compliment the smoke notes. It was then lagered (stored at a cold temperature) for an extended period to result in a flavour packed unique beer with a crisp dry finish that we'd be very happy to drink again and again. Aim for a large head when pouring - around 1/4 of the height of the glass is traditional to release optimal aroma as you drink.

BREWERIES // Zeelandt & Small Gods
BEER // Brünhilde's Fate
STYLE // Rauchbier
ORIGIN // Eskdale
ABV // 5.4%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 7 - 8C
FOOD MATCH // Bamburg Onion. Beef & Cheddar Sandwich. Bean Chilli
Willi Becher Glass

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Smokey goodness

It’s a rare thing to find a beer using these amounts of smoked malt and managing to still have lots going on beyond just the smokiness. This beer keeps it interesting with the malt and hops still doing their thing and avoiding the slightly spread-to-thin aspect that other beers with beech-smoked malt seem to fall in to.