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It's no secret that Peckham's are our favourite cidery here at Beer Jerk.
Based down in Moutere, Peckham's are crafting some of the best ciders in the world and we think they're definitely worth you checking out.

Peckham’ Cider was created by serial experimenters Alex and Caroline Peckham. Wanting to make some proper cider, they planted a few cider trees back in 2004. Before long they had created a diverse and beautiful cider orchard which continues to evolve.

Once the harvests began, each one different, the extent of the cidermaking possibilities became increasingly apparent and they began to create. Now a decade and a half later, armed with solid experience, the breadth of their creative momentum continues to grow and they are releasing at least one new cider a month.

The diversity and delicacy on display is fantastic and unlike any other ciders currently produced in New Zealand.

Each box contains:

Peckham's / Apple Cider 5.9% 330ml can

This is an iteration of the first cider we created in our Nelson cidery, and stems from our quest to create a go-to, medium-dry cider with plenty of character. Zesty and fresh with a touch of apple pie and subtle complexity from some great cider apples.

Peckham's / Orange-a-Tang 5.5% 330ml can

Based on a wild fermented cider aged for a year. Into this cider, we infused the (painstakingly) hand-peeled zest of mandarins, tangelos and oranges grown in our own tiny citrus grove. The result is an off-dry cider that's bursting with orange blossom, sherbet and marmalade.

Peckham's x Cell Division Eclipse Dark Belgian Graff - 7.5% 330ml can

The evening before brew day we witnessed the rare conjunction of two incredible celestial events – a blood supermoon and a lunar eclipse.

We took this as a favourable omen for our own delicious conjunction of a dark Belgian ale and Dabinett cider apple juice. This graff was fermented with an Abbey ale yeast and matured in oak. The result is a smooth and complex amalgamation of ale and cider. Think Belgian toffee apples, fruity esters, honey, subtle chocolate and a touch of the monastic!

Peckham's Decadence - 8.3% 330ml can

A decadent blend of two extremes and an evolution of the 2020 cider of the same name. A bone dry, single variety cider made from Dabinett cider apples, wild fermented and aged in oak; combined with our new, sweet Cidre de Glace made from Kingston Black and Sweet Alford.

Velvety and rich with subtle toffee apple, hints of forest floor, peach and sherbet.

Peckham's Reserve Dry -  7.5% 330ml can

The 2020 vintage of our Reserve Dry is a single variety cider made from our fruity and robust Major cider apples aged in French oak. A naturally complex, wild fermented, bone dry cider. Rich, earthy, apple peel characters. Texture buttery, finish dry with natural tannins balanced by a long, oaky finish.

Peckham's Sweet Frenchie - 5.2% 330ml can

A wild fermented, French inspired cider with natural apple sweetness. As a result of cool winter temperatures and a slow ferment, the yeasts ran out of puff before they had consumed all the juicy goodness in this bittersweet cider.

Full bodied, with chewy tannins and just enough acidity for balance. A hint of spice, caramel and honeycomb. Rich, juicy and smooth.

Peckham's Kingston Medium - 6.9% 330ml can

This medium version of our Kingston Black single variety cider retains some residual sweetness. Slowly fermented over winter and beautifully expresses the spice and vanilla notes that Kingston Black creates in our Southern Hemisphere environment.

Peckham's Kingston Dry - 8% 330ml can

This bone dry cider was slowly fermented over winter and beautifully expresses the spice and vanilla notes that Kingston Black creates in our Southern Hemisphere environment.

Peckham's Farmhouse - 5.6% 330ml can

The 2020 vintage of our Farmhouse is a wild fermented, single variety cider made from the soft and gentle Yarlington Mill cider apple, aged in French oak.

A naturally complex, full bodied cider with subtle farmhouse notes, ripe fruit and a mellow sweetness contained by a soft tannic finish.

Peckham's Perry - 5.7% 330ml can

Our 2021 vintage perry is made from a blend of true perry pears, dessert pears and a few apples from the home orchard.

There's a saying "plant pears for your heirs", which is why several years after grafting over to perry pears, we still have a limited crop. We blend these tannin bombs with Taylor's Gold pears and add a few Egremont Russet apples to bring a little acidity to the blend.

The result is a smooth, creamy perry with a modest natural sweetness.

Peckham's Elderflower - 5.4% 330ml can

Take a really good cider, infuse it with fresh elderflowers, and you have summer in a glass. Every spring, one of us spends six weeks handpicking wild elderflowers along local Moutere riverbanks to make this fragrant, floral, delicate cider.

Peckham's Boysenberry - 4.9% 330ml can

Proper tree ripened apples, local boysenberries bought direct from the grower and… nothing else. This ain’t no lolly water! Slow, wild fermentation of Jonagold apples, together with a year long maturation, have created a cider that’s fruity and bright. Add whole, aromatic Riwaka Choice boysenberries (yes we are specific about the berry variety we use), and the result is a delicious cider oozing with berry fragrance.

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