Office Beer Jerk

• Great beer for you and your colleagues
• Get the story behind the beer and brewery
• Free Shipping
• Delivery Auckland Central region
• Get beer every week, fortnight or every 4 weeks
• Cancel at any time 

It’s a fact that Friday afternoon beers are a good thing. Downing tools at the end of the week for a social beer is good for innovation, morale and team building. Sadly, this marvelous weekly opportunity for a good time generally flops at the last hurdle due to the tasteless, fizzy content of those green bottles.

At Beer Jerk, we believe you and your colleagues deserve better.

If you know what Beer Jerk is, you can probably guess the idea behind Office Beer Jerk. Sign up and on Friday you’ll receive a box (or boxes) of beer at the office. The beers in each delivery will all be the same. Each delivery is accompanied by an info sheet with the story of the brewery, history of the beer style and tasting notes for the specific beer.

There will be a range of styles meaning this week you could be drinking an IPA and next week a Doppelbock, a Cream Ale, a Dubbel, a Witbier or a Peanut Butter Biscuit Stout. The following cycle the same thing will happen with a completely different beer.

We source 50% of beers from great NZ breweries and the rest from around the World. Beer Jerk only supply very good beer that has our stamp of approval. 

What we need to know from you: click the button above and provide us with the following info. We will be in touch with you to finalise the details.

  • How many boxes of beer (12 packs) will you require? 
  • Delivery address?
  • Regularity. Would you like beer weekly, fortnightly or every 4 weeks?



How much?
$102 per 12 pack, which includes delivery in Central Auckland.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?
Yes. You can cancel any time.

When will the beers arrive?
On a Friday. Generally in the morning so there is plenty of time to get the beer to the correct optimum temperature.

Where do you deliver?
Central Auckland right now. We will quickly be rolling out nationwide. Please email us if you’re keen to get involved and are based outside Auckland.

Will you email me a gst receipt?
Not just yet - we are working on it

Can I choose which beer you send?
No- the real fun of Office Beer Jerk is in trying new and interesting beers!

How do I know you won’t send me crap beer?
Because our reputation as beer curators is at stake! For well over a year, we’ve selected a different beer each week to send to 100’s of Beer Jerk members around the country. Take a look at the ‘Past Week’s Beers’ section to get an idea of the beers we select.

Can we order more beers on special occasions?
Yes. Your subscription is totally flexible. It’s great to give us a little notice though to ensure we’ll have stock.

Are all the beers in the box the same?
Yes. In a few weeks we may trial including 2 different beers from the same brewery though.