Beer #98 - Sunshine / Double Happy

Beer #98 - W/C 9 January 2017

BREWERY // The aptly named Sunshine Brewery is based in Gisborne and is the first to see the Sun. When surfers Geoff Logan and Gerry Maude started brewing in 1989, most of the beer being drunk in New Zealand came from the virtual duopoly of Lion and DB. Gisborne Gold was their flagship beer, a 4% lager with Saaz and Green Bullet hops, and it quickly acquired a legion of fans launching a "craft beer revolution in Wellington" in the 1990s according to Michael Donaldson.
Geoff & Gerry sold the brewery in 2013 to an enthusiastic bunch of wine folk who have brought the brewery bang up to date. Brewer Chris Scott has started a barrel ageing programme which has already seen some critically acclaimed releases. Another innovation is 'New Release Thursday' where a single 50L keg of brand new beer is tapped each week. Recent releases have included a kettle soured feijoa lambic and a Belgian Golden Strong Ale dry hopped with lashings of Amarillo. Their brewery, bar and taproom is just a couple of blocks from Waikanae Beach, be sure to stop by when you pass through on your summer road trip.

BEER // Health and Safety wasn't such a big deal in New Zealand in the 60's and 70's and lots of people have fun (and occasionally horrendous) memories of blowing stuff up with big 'Double Happy' firecrackers. This Double Happy has lots of body with caramel malt profile. Aroma is predominately grapefruit with the US hops providing spicy notes and citrus flavours- lemon and lots more grapefruit. It has the bitterness you would expect from the style but is also smooth and very well balanced. At 8% it's definitely a sipper. Fireworks? That's for you to decide...

BREWERY // Sunshine
BEER // Double Happy
STYLE // Imperial IPA
ORIGIN // Gisborne
ABV // 8%
IBU // 80
HOPS // US Cascade, Styrian Goldings, Chinook and Citra.
MALT // Marris Otter, Caramalt and Carared
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 8-11C
FOOD MATCH // Southern Fried Chicken. Sticky Smoked Pork Belly. Baked Camembert. Vanilla Creme Brûlée 
GLASS // IPA Glass, Snifter