Beer #96 - Schneider Weisse / Mein Aventinus

Beer #96 - W/C 26 December 2016

BREWERY // In 1872 Georg Schneider I purchased the Weissbierregal license from King Ludwig II and became the first ever commoner to brew wheat beer under this exclusive license. Prior to that, wheat beer could only be made in the breweries of the Bavarian royal family. The license was granted when the king discontinued brewing due to slow sales. The brewery has been owned by the same family for generations and the brewery has eschewed any automation and efficiency improvements which could effect their product. On April 25th 1944 an Allied aerial bombardment destroyed the Munich brewery and all production relocated to their other brewery in Kelheim. Owner Georg Schneider IV wrote a letter to his son, Georg Schneider V, describing the destruction "At Isartorplatz I already realized that the whole Baader Street was a sea of flames". The Kelheim brewery, which was acquired by the family in 1927, is the oldest wheat beer brewery in Bavaria and wheat beer has been brewed there without interruption since its founding in the year 1607.

BEER // "Deep and complex - for big and relaxing moments by the fire". Tap 6 is the oldest wheat doppelbock on the world. It was created by widowed Mathilda Schneider in 1907 and she named it Aventinus after the street on which the brewery was located- Aventinstrasse in Munich. Mathilda ran the brewery following the untimely death of her husband for 19 years until her son Georg IV came of age in 1924. Unser Aventinus is a complex beer bursting with flavour and aroma. This beer has won countless awards over the past 9 decades and the 100 rating on RateBeer is testament to it being something special. Up front are the aromas of bubblegum and banana you would expect in a weissbier. Then comes the spicy flavours as well as cloves, raisins, caramel and malty sweetness. The style and 8.2% abv means that the flavours of Tap 6 will continue to develop for years making it a good choice to cellar. For many, Unser Aventinus is the taste of Christmas.

BREWERY // G. Schneider & Sohn
BEER // Tap 6 "Unser Aventinus"
STYLE // Wheat Doppelbock
ORIGIN // Kelheim, Germany
ABV // 8.2%
HOPS // Hallertauer Herkules
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 9-12C
FOOD MATCH // Elisenlebkuchen (German Gingerbread), Tender Saddle of Venison in creamy chocolate sauce, Dark Chocolate, Blue Cheese
GLASS // Weissbier Glass