Beer #91 - Brewdog / Elvis Juice

Beer #91 - W/C 21 November 2016

BREWERY // BrewDog require no introduction. In 2007, finding inspiration in the American craft beer movement, Elvis Dickie & Elvis Watt decided to start brewing beer in Aberdeen which was different to pretty much anything else in Britain at the time. Dickie had some experience, having worked at Thornbridge where he helped develop the recipe for the exceptional Jaipur. Fast forward to today and BrewDog are a Worldwide phenomenon with 45 bars and more opening all the time. Their brash attitude and PR stunts (such as changing their names to Elvis & Elvis) certainly get them a lot of press - positive and negative. More important than all that though is the innovative attitude they take to brewing excellent and reliable beer. Recently BrewDog released DIY Dog, a free ebook of recipes for every beer they have brewed to date.

TASTING NOTES // Grapefruit is to IPA what coffee is to porter. It's the perfect fruity addition to enhance the already citrusy hop profile of certain beers. We've actually had a few Grapefruit IPAs as previous Beers of the Week and each has beer excellent and noticeably different from the other. A big toffee malt base gives this American style IPA lots of body. Oily hop flavours and aromas are pine, peach and lots of tropical fruit bitterness. While some people have suspicious minds about beers that break the Reinheitsgebot, we think the heavy addition of grapefruit zest to the brew makes for a wonderfully rounded experience which you won't want to return to sender. Or get all shook up. Ok, that's enough.

BREWERY // BrewDog
BEER // Elvis Juice
STYLE // Grapefruit Infused IPA
ORIGIN // Aberdeen, Scotland
ABV // 6.5%
IBU // 40
TEMPERATURE // Cool / Cold- 6-10C
Thai Coconut & Pumpkin Soup. Jamaican Jerk Chicken. Grapefruit Sorbet.
GLASS // IPA Glass. Tulip