Beer #88 - Moor / PMA

Beer #88 - W/C 31 October 2016

BREWERY // Moor Beer Company was started in 1996 on a former dairy farm in the Levels and Moors area of Somerset. Beers were designed to reflect the local heritage and brewed on a 5 barrel plant. In 2007 the brewery was taken over by Californian Justin Hawke who has since expanded several times (including a move to Bristol) while continuing to create outstanding, award wining beers. Justin also spent time living in Germany during his time in the US Army and his beers are influenced by the best of German, British and US brewing practices. 

TASTING NOTES // PMA is a crisp and bitter full-bodied, hop forward pale ale. Its orange, mango colour matches the tropical, citrus aromas and flavour. Amongst the tropical hop flavours, you may also find pineapple, grass and stone fruit. It is an intercontinental beer combining a mix of fine hops from around the world with a complex blend of kilned British malts. Unfined, Unfiltered, Unpasteurised and conditioned with live yeast.
Hardcore Hits Cancer is an organisation in Spain raising money for cancer charities through hardcore events. A portion of proceeds from the sale of PMA is donated to charity in support of Hardcore Hits Cancer.  You can hear more about the beer and the organisation from Justin in the video below.

STYLE // Pale Modern Ale
ORIGIN // Bristol, Somerset
ABV // 5.3%
IBU // 45
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 9-12C
FOOD MATCH // Cajun Chicken Burger. Chickpea & Vegetable Coconut Curry. Goat Cheese. Salted Caramel Icecream
GLASS // IPA Glass, Tulip