Beer #78 - Outlier Cartel / Honey Chestnut

Beer #78 - W/C 22 August 2016

BREWERY // Outlier Cartel began life in 2010 when Carlos and his flatmates decided to throw a flat warming party. They invited everybody in the building but only two people turned up, fortunately one of them was Mark. They quickly bonded over a love of good beer and in December 2015, Outlier Cartel officially launched. Mark and Carlos are immigrants to New Zealand which may inform their slightly different approach to brewing. Brewer, Carlos brings 12 years of winemaking experience which imbued in him a sense of the importance of place and terroir. The idea of making 'beer from here' was important to them from the outset and they source ingredients locally whenever possible. Outlier Cartel share all of their recipes online for home brewers to try their hand. 

TASTING NOTES // Honey Chestnut was the first ever bottled beer from Outlier Cartel. As with all of their other beers, the not-so secret ingredient is love. The ingredients in the name are sourced from wild, urban Auckland hives and Waikato orchards. As you can see from the recipe, Honey Chestnut contains a big hit of earthy hops which are backed with a honey-sweet maltiness, followed by a long bitter nutty finish. The honey and chestnut flavours are relatively delicate so be sure to drink cool rather than cold to get the most of the aromatic flavours.

BREWERY // Outlier Cartel
BEER // Honey Chestnut
ORIGIN // Auckland
HOPS // Cascade, Chinook, Nelson Sauvin, Simcoe
MALTS // Vienna, American Ale, Shepherd Delight, Dark Crystal, Light Chocolate.
ABV // 6.5%
IBU // 55
TEMPERATURE // Cellar temp- 12-14C
FOOD MATCH // Winter Veg Hot Pot. Emmental. Honey & Chestnut Cake
GLASS // IPA Glass, Tulip