Beer #71 - The Herbalist / Rosemary & Liquorice

Beer #71 - W/C 4 July 2016

BREWERY // Rebecca Stenbeck knows her herbs. As a naturopath and medical herbalist, she has long been interested in the millennia-spanning history of tonics made by women from medicinal herbs and other locally found produce. She started experimentally brewing with different herbs and plants four years ago. As the home brewers among us know- the road to delicious, well balanced beer when using unusual ingredients is rarely a smooth one. Fortunately for us, Rebecca found the perfect combination of barley, hops and herbs in two distinct recipes which were launched as The Herbalist's inaugural beers earlier this year. We have heard news of more exciting beer/herb mash-ups from Rebecca's test brewery and can't wait to see (and drink) what will be next. Click through the video below to hear more about The Herbalist.

TASTING NOTES // In the world of beer, it is pretty hard to be original when it comes to new flavours. Sure, you can make a beer with yeast from your belly button or chuck some stag semen in the brew and get some PR but it is rare that new culinary ingredients are successfully used. Liquorice is a flavour that works well with stouts but we've never seen it in a lighter ale and have never heard of rosemary being used in a  beer (we'd love to hear if you know of any). The malt base is solid making for a medium-bodied beer with some caramel flavours and a dry finish. The Motueka & Cascade hops compliment the dominant rosemary flavour well. The unusual addition of this herb makes for a slightly savoury beer. The liquorice flavour is more delicate and it's inclusion may well have positive effects on your health. We predict the flavours could make for polarising opinions from Beer Jerks and we look forward to hearing them. Also to seeing photographs of your food pairings!

BREWERY // The Herbalist
BEER // Rosemary & Liquorice Ale
STYLE // Herbal Ale
ORIGIN // Auckland, New Zealand
ABV // 5.4%
HOPS // Motueka. Cascade
TEMPERATURE // Cool- 10-14C
FOOD MATCH // Roast Lamb. Liquorice CarrotsSesame Cucumber Rolls
GLASS // IPA Glass, Tulip