Beer #386 - Small Gods x Satya / Chai Rebellion

Beer #386 - W/C 4 July 2022

BREWERY // Small Gods is different kind of brewery. Matt Eats & Luke White spend a lot of time reading and discussing concepts, history, stories and flavour experiences. Inspiration comes from everywhere - be it a history book, a dessert, a scented candle, a myth or a drag performance. They share everything they know and are passionate about collaboration, working with (and learning from) not just brewers but creative people in any field. Producing very small batches that sell out fast, they're starting to become rather prolific with their releases.
RESTAURANT // In 1996 the Akuthota family arrived in Auckland from Hyderabad. Three years later they opened their first restaurant serving quality South Indian food on Hobson Street. Satya translates to 'truth' in Sanskrit and authenticity runs through the whole business. It has always been a true family business with the Akuthotas living above the restaurant and 11 year old Sammy & 8 year old Viraaj helping wash dishes and wait tables. 23 years later and there are several Satya restaurants including two Chai Lounges that were founded by Sammy where you can find modern takes on classic street food dishes being served alongside excellent beer.

BEER // Last year Luke read an article (LINK) by David Jesudason about his experience being a craft beer drinking child of South Asian immigrants living in London which got him thinking. It's interesting to think that IPA really has nothing at all to do with Indian people. He chatted to Sammy about the idea of a pale beer that embraced an aspect of the rich and hugely varied world of Indian cuisine. Naturally they settled on that most democratic of beverages to take inspiration from - Chai. Tea was introduced by the British but it didn't take long for Chaiwallas to rebel again the strictures of their oppressors and made the drink their own with the addition of rich spices. This white stout is rich and creamy with layers of spice from generous additions of Ginger, Cardamom and Mace. This is backed up by sweetness from the addition of Lactose while dry CTC Black Tea adds authentic tea character with a light tannic bitterness to balance.

CREATORS // Small Gods & Satya
BEER // Chai Rebellion
STYLE // Masala Chai White Stout
ORIGIN // Auckland
ABV // 5.3%
TEMPERATURE // Cellar Temperature
FOOD MATCH // Dahi Puri. Chicken Manchurian. Spiced Nuts. Curryflower
VESSEL // Earthen Kulhar Cup