Beer #375 - Whistling Sisters / Strawberry Sour

Beer #375 - W/C 25 April 2022

BREWERY // Russel & Elwyn Scott have been stalwarts of the Wellington hospitality industry since the 1980’s when they created The Backbencher pub (along with Wellington’s most fun political party). Whistling Sisters honours their daughter Karen Louisa with profits going to a foundation in her name to support research into advanced breast cancer. The Scott’s partner is Bede who had spent many years at Lion Nathan where he witnessed first hand the changing tastes moving away from bland, soulless macro beer toward more refined and flavoursome brews. Head brewer is Padmal, a qualified Master Brewer who has brewed in Sri Lanka, Germany, Japan, India & Australia. He is ably supported by Logan, an extremely hard working and enthusiastic young brewer who is overflowing with ideas. Their central Wellington brewpub is the best place to find their frequent new releases.

BEER // It may seem that this Strawberry Sour is a thoroughly modern beer but beers not a million miles from this one have been brewed for centuries in northern Germany. But that's a story for another day. Padmal & Logan took inspiration from the beautiful bounteous Summer harvest of local strawberries to create a beer that is a little reminiscent of a blush rosé. There's a little balanced sweetness present from the maltbill which also includes wheat for additional body. The balance of kettle souring can be a tightrope - if the leave the bugs too long you get an unbalanced beer with an overly acidic ph. Not long enough and the beer is bland and insipid. We reckon the team got the balance just right with this beer. The result is very refreshing and reminiscent of the balance between tart and sour of a freshly picked berry.

BREWERY // Whistling Sisters
BEER // Strawberry Sour
STYLE // Kettle Sour
ORIGIN // Wellington
ABV // 6.7%
TEMPERATURE // Cold from the fridge
FOOD MATCH // Salmon & Scrambled Eggs. Salty Chips. Fritto Misto.

VESSEL // Pilsner Glass