Beer #373 - Waitoa / Mosaniac

Beer #373 - W/C 11 April 2022

BREWERY // In a scene reminiscent of a Sunday afternoon movie, Kiwi pals Tommy, Leighton, John & Mark were touring northern England with their brass band for an international brass band competition when inspiration struck. As they enjoyed a pint in Yorkshire's Dobcross Band & Social Club they noticed the community atmosphere of people enjoying good beer, games, music and company. At that moment they decided to create a similar club in Wellington. And, what's a club without good beer? Waitoa Social Club in Hataitai has a small brewery where they release a steady stream of beers to suit all tastes. The reputation of the beers quickly gained them a following and we're happy that they've started putting a few more beers into cans so those of us not lucky enough to live in Hataitai can enjoy them too.  

BEER // A few years ago single hop beers were all the rage but they are few and far between these days (outside of fresh hop season). Using a variety of hops in a recipe means a brewer can create a melody of flavour but sometimes it's fun to enjoy a good guitar solo. Beers like this are a great way for drinkers (and brewers) to get a good handle on the profile a a hop variety. And, if you're gonna pick a single hop you can't go wrong with Mosaic which has been referred to as 'Citra on steroids' thanks to it's big New World characteristics. Mosaniac is a well structured West Coast IPA with balanced sweetness and bitterness to support the hop profile. The Mosaic makes for a delightful flavour journey where you notice new notes with each sip - pine, citrus, herbs, mango and more.

BREWERY // Waitoa
BEER // Mosaniac
ORIGIN // Wellington
ABV // 6%
TEMPERATURE // Cold from the fridge
FOOD MATCH // Oysters. Paprika Crisps. Spiced Ginger Loaf. Aged Brie.