Beer #371 - Small Gods / Galahad

Beer #371 - W/C 28 March 2022

BREWERY // Auckland based Small Gods is dedicated to collaborative, historical and experimental brewing. Named in honour of the yeasts who make the beer and also to honour the inimitable Terry Pratchett. The Small Gods team (Beer Jerk's Luke & Matt) aim to keep history alive by bringing ancient beer styles and fascinating legends to life with a modern twist. Their approach to brewing highlights rare and forgotten styles and also embraces new and experimental techniques and ingredients. Their beers are inspired by interesting stories from history and mythology with the names and themes of the beers showcasing these stories. While they don't yet own a commercial brewery (they contract brew at friends' breweries), their spititual home is The Fridge & Flagon where you'll always find their latest releases.

BEER // Galahad is a table beer. A pure and peerless style perfectly designed to showcase beer’s fundamental beauty. A fluffy and complex base of Pilsner, Wheat, Crystal and Vienna malts supports a delicate and floral Belgian yeast character with a soft touch of rounded fruity British and US hops seamlessly mingling to create a light, refreshing and characterful beer. A sessionable 3.2% ABV is elevated by a medium body and spritzy carbonation. In a moment of madness, Matt & Luke decided to brew a series of Table Beers named after Arthurian heroes and this is the first. The most exalted of the knights at King Arthur’s round table, Galahad alone proved worthy of the Holy Grail. With a peerless purity of heart and deed he journeyed to Camelot to serve at his king’s side as the finest swordsman in the land.

BREWERY // Small Gods
BEER // Galhad
STYLE // Table beer
ORIGIN // Auckland
ABV // 3.2%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 7-9C
FOOD MATCH // Cheese Ploughman's. Grilled Salmon. Belgian Endive Salad
VESSEL // Grail (needn't be holy)