Beer #368 - Duncan's / Mango Guava Smoothie

Beer #368 - W/C 7 March 2022

BREWERY // Following a 22,000 km road trip circumnavigating the USA and drinking countless beers, George Duncan & Wai Familton were inspired to start brewing. After several years of brewing fantastic beers in his kitchen and a few more years contract brewing, George opened a brewery in Paraparaumu on the beautiful Kapiti Coast with a cellar door which is staffed by George and his sister. It's a true family business and George and Wai are looking forward to their 3 year old boy being big enough to start helping out around the brewery. The brewery has gone from strength to strength racking up plenty of medals and critical acclaim. When not brewing or pouring beer, you may spot George at various beer events- he's the guy with a huge grin and a sea-captain beard. In recent years he has fully embraced his inner Willy Wonka and is now releasing a steady flow of chocolate, ice-cream and cake inspired beers that are making beer purists furious. Duncan's hypnotic labels are created by Dr. D Foothead and we've heard rumours that he tries to incorporate representations of genitalia into every label...

BEER // People like beer and people also like sweet treats so it's actually surprising that it took so long for the modern beer styles of Pastry Stouts, Ice-cream Sours & Milkshake IPAs to emerge. George Duncan jumped straight into these styles like a kid who loves cake. Exactly like that, in fact. This beer takes the lovely big body and low bitterness of a Hazy IPA and ratchets up the tropical aroma and flavours with some very hefty fruit additions. It's a definitely an outside the box brew but we reckon this summery, slightly tart beer delivers exactly what it set out to - it's a Mango Guava Smoothie. Check out the video below to hear us waffling on more about the beer and Duncan's...

BREWERY // Duncan's
BEER // Mango Guava Smoothie
ORIGIN // Paraparaumu. Kapiti Coast
ABV // 6.5%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 7-9C
FOOD MATCH // Burger & Fries. Nuggets. Crisps. Birthday Cake. Fairy Bread
VESSEL // Wine Glass. Sundae Glass