Beer #365 - Zeelandt / Frenemy Altbier

Beer #365 - W/C 14 February 2022

BREWERY // Brewing is in Christopher Barber's blood. His Hawke's Bay brewery, Zeelandt, opened in 2012 around 125 years after his great great grandfather opened a brewery near Christchurch. Christopher honed his skills working at St Austell Brewery in Cornwall before returning to New Zealand to brew at Hallertau. The brewery's name (pronounced zay-land) reflects the inspiration taken from classic European styles with a distinctly New Zealand twist. Their beautiful new brewery bar, Cone & Flower, was recently completed and is a great place to spend a delicious afternoon.

BEER // In a land of lagers, two riverside beacons proudly resist the tide championing top-fermented ales. The residents of historic Cologne proudly enjoy light fragrant Kölsch while just 40km upriver inhabitants of industrial Düsseldorf drink copper coloured bitter Altbier. While we occasionally enjoy easy-drinking locally brewed Kölsch, Altbier is an extremely rare style in NZ. Zeelandt had the inspired idea of brewing both beers so us Kiwis can get a taste the North Rhine-Westphalia (no prizes for guessing what the BOTW will be next week). This beer is pretty light bodied and very sessionable but notably more robust than other popular styles in neighbouring regions. Noble hops make themselves known in the aroma and the bitterness balances well with the slightly sweet biscuit malt. There's a lovely aspect which keeps you coming back for more. Naturally this beer pairs well with food. If there's one thing Düsseldorfers are more attached to than Altbier it's mustard, so don't scrimp on the hot stuff.

BREWERY // Zeelandt
BEER // Frenemy 
STYLE // Altbier
ORIGIN // Eskdale
ABV // 4.7%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. 7-10C
FOOD MATCH // Halve Hahn. Blood Sausage. Pork Ramen. Apple Strudel
VESSEL // Tulip