Beer #363 - Bright / Mandarin Dream

Beer #363 - W/C 31 January 2022

BREWERY // Bright is a small town set in the pristine alpine environment of the Victorian high country - a paradise for mountainbikers, paragliders, skiiers and beer fans alike. Bright is also a brewery located in that same town. It was founded in 2005 by Scott Brandon, his late wife Fiona Reddaway and their friends David and Julia who aimed to create beers and a taproom experience as spectacular as the surrounding landscape. Their beers are made with pristine local mountain water and many of their beers are made with hops grown in their valley. As well as their core favourites, Bright are committed to releasing a steady stream of experimental beers using all natural ingredients.

BEER // We enjoy putting beers into the subscription that push boundaries and Mandarin Dream most definitely does that. Bright took a creamy milkshake inspired base then chopped and juiced over 400kg of mandarins to add. The big bodied beer is completely exotic mouth coating creamy experience thanks to the milk sugar that also gives it a solid dose of milkshake sweetness. The tartness of the mandarin cuts through the base marvellously countering the sweetness before it becomes cloying. It tastes more like a creamy mandarin ice lolly than a 'regular' beer but sometimes that's exactly what you feel like. A Mandarin Dream indeed.

BREWERY // Bright
BEER // Mandarin Dream
STYLE // Milkshake Ale
ORIGIN // Bright. VIC Australia
ABV // 5.2%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. 7-10C
FOOD MATCH // Salty Chips. Grilled Fish. Tempura. Coconut Panna Cotta.
VESSEL // Goblet