Beer #361 - One Drop / XPA

Beer #361 - W/C 17 January 2022

BREWERY // One Drop might be the most exciting modern brewery in Australia right now. It all started with husband & wife team Clay Grant & Meg Barbic lamenting the lack of breweries in their South Sydney suburb of Botany. So they sold their house, quit their jobs in catering & software tech, and got to work converting an old paper factory into a modern brewery filled with banana trees, festoon lights and great music. The foundational ideals of reggae music - community, creativity, one love, self expression - are a core inspiration. They serendipitously met their brewer, Kiwi Nick Calder-Scholes, while holidaying in Croatia. Nick was brewing at Zagbreb’s Garden brewery after a stint at London’s Four Pure and the offer of returning to the Antipodes to brew experimental beers was very appealing. Meg’s love of sour beers has led to One Drop getting a reputation for their hugely fruited beers and they have been pushing boundaries of what is possible in beer ever since their opened their doors in 2019.

BEER // This week we're drinking another Beer Jerk exclusive that we imported just for you wonderful people. XPAs are an evolution of modern American Pale Ales with a lighter malt profile that makes them an ideal choice for easy drinking in warm weather. It's no surprise that the light bright sparkling and refreshing style exploded in Australia where it especially suits the climate. One Drop's gold medal award winning XPA has a light malt body with a touch of honey character. The fresh green tasting hops have notes of citrus, passionfruit and stone fruit. It finishes dry and is very more-ish

BREWERY // One Drop
STYLE // Extra Pale Ale
ORIGIN // Botany, New South Wales
ABV // 4.3%
TEMPERATURE // Straight from the fridge
FOOD MATCH // Bacon Sandwich. Barbecue Blackened Anything. Creamy Brie.
VESSEL // IPA Glass. Tulip. From the can while sitting by a pool