Beer #359 - Sailor's Grave / Sake Kasu, Nashi & Sencha Tea

Beer #359 - W/C 3 January 2022

BREWERY // A treacherous cove at Cape Conran is the inspiration for the name and the spirit of Sailor’s Grave, brews inspired by the ocean and rural living. A sea change and love for beer prompted Chris & Gab Moore to start their brewery in East Gippsland in the far South East of Australia. An abandoned butter factory near where Gabs grew up made the perfect spot for their new brewery. Their rural home is located where the Snowy River meets the sea and provides endless inspiration for recipes. From this bountiful land they pick indigenous botanicals in the bush, harvest salt, weed and sea life from from river and ocean, select fruits, grains & produce from local farms & orchards and capture wild yeasts from their backyard.

BEER // Now for something completely different. This Biru has a pale malt base soured and fermented on sake kasu lees which is the nutrient packed umami filled waste product from the sake brewing process. It was finished on local Australian grown Shincha Tea from Two Rivers and nashis. The Nashis were grown locally at Hazeldean Forest Farm at the base of the Strzelecki Ranges. A huge amount or thought and craft has gone into this unique beer and this was the second attempt to brew it after the first failed due to a faulty freezer destroying the nashi. The bracingly sour character of the beer counters the rich savoury umami notes. Mellow pear and herbal green tea top notes keep this beer interesting to the last drop.

BREWERY // Sailors Grave
BEER // Sake Kasu, Nashi & Sencha Tea
STYLE // Fruited Sour
ORIGIN // Gippsland, Australia
ABV // 4.5%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 7-10C
FOOD MATCH // White Fish. Tempura. Vanilla Cheesecake.
VESSEL // Wine Glass