Beer #346 - Small Gods x Maltkult / Lucifer's Share

Beer #346 - W/C 4 October 2021

BREWERIES // Small Gods is a brewing project dedicated to collaborative, historical and experimental beers aiming to keep history alive by bringing these recipes and legends into the modern age. It was the name of Beer Jerk co-founders, Luke & Brent's, home brewery and it stuck when Matt joined the team and they decided to scale up. They don't brew at home much these days but fortunately have access to contract breweries as well as those belonging to friends around the country who are surprisingly happy to oblige in collaborating on weird and hard to sell beers.

Maltkult is the highly skilled brewing consultant Mike Cheer. Mike might be the best brewer you’ve never heard of. Having cut his teeth at the likes of Harrington’s and spent time at perfectionist contract facility Steam he has a legendary reputation in the beer industry for his technical knowledge and precision. He has consulted internationally and was recently brewing at Volstead in Christchurch. Outside of beer his reputation on the Christchurch Metal scene is equally as prodigious.

BEER //  Rent from the right hand of God, Lucifer rages. Downcast and despairing he flees. Cohorts of his divine compatriots abandon paradise alongside the rebel angel to reach out for a new nirvana. They find only the eternal agony of the pit. Betrayed and laid low the Morningstar's share of heaven's strength haunt humanity. Their twisted visages terrorise the souls of men, sapping their will. Despair as baying they return, bound for rack and ruin, heralding humanity's end.
Every year the 'angel's share' evaporates from whiskey barrels up the the heavens, just as Lucifer's share of rebel angels were cast out of paradise. This beer is a beefed up strong Scotch Ale brewed with heaps of speciality malts. Complex sweet layered flavours of caramel and biscuit accompany nuttiness and a light touch of smoke. It was aged on oak to enhance the whisky impression with smooth vanilla on the nose. Finally, it was fortified with a prodigious amount of Speyside whisky. Lucifer's Share is designed to be sipped slowly and savoured. It will continue to change and improve with age so we'd recommend grabbing a couple of cans to stash away for a few years.

BREWERIES // Small Gods x Maltkult
BEER // Lucifer's Share
STYLE // Whisky Fortified Scotch Ale
ORIGIN // Auckland
ABV // 10%
TEMPERATURE // Cellar Temp 10-12C

FOOD MATCH // Roast Pheasant. Welsh Rarebit. Shortbread
VESSEL // Thistle Glass. Goat Horn