Beer #344 - Boatrocker / Miss Pinky

Beer #344 - W/C 20 September 2021

BREWERY // It all began with Michael Jackson. The beer critic's 1980s documentary TV Series 'The Beer Hunter' saw Jackson travel the world seeking out wonderful beers and it had a lasting effect on a teenaged Matt Houghton watching in Australia. Years later, Matt set out to follow in the Beer Hunter's footsteps to hallowed beer locales including Brugge, Boulder, Bavaria and Britain. Upon returning home, his dismay at the appallingly limited local beers available led him to take his homebrewing to the next level by enrolling in university to study brewing. After several years of studying then contract brewing, Matt and his wife Andrea took over a Melbourne building, pieced together brewing equipment from around the world and set up Australia's first barrelroom & cellar door in 2012. Since then Boatrocker has delighted drinkers and competition judges alike with their wide range of innovative beers (and recently, spirits) whether they be wild fermented, barrel-aged, packed with hops or lagered.

BEER // Berliner Weisse has been enjoyed in the Berlin region for at least 500 years and the story goes that Napoleon's troops dubbed it the Champagne of the North. Up to the late 19th century, it was the most popular style in the region with 100s of brewers producing it. It steadily fell out of fashion until the 1990s when there were just 2 brewers in the world making Berliner Weisse. The wheat beer is effervescent, light with a low abv and distinct tartness from being fermented with both yeast and lactic acid bacteria. Miss Pinky is brewed using two strains of Lactobacillus and traditional kettle fermentation. The tartness means that it is almost always served with a shot of syrup (usually woodruff or raspberry). There's no need for that here as Boatrocker thoughtfully added 100s of kilos of raspberries to the brew to result in a beautifully coloured beer with loads of berry notes and a dry finish.

BREWERY // Boatrocker
BEER // Miss Pinky
STYLE // Berliner Weisse
ORIGIN // Melbourne

ABV // 3.4%
FOOD MATCH // Soft Pretzel. Ceviche. Fries & Mayo. Raspberry Cheesecake

VESSEL // Chalice