Beer #342 - Volstead / Mr Ombibulous

Beer #342 - W/C 6 September 2021

BREWERY // In 1919 Minnesotan representative Andrew Volstead's Act led to Prohibition in the USA. Quite a few years later Volstead Trading Company opened its doors as one of the cosiest bars in Christchurch with a marvellous selection of beers and comfy sofas. A couple of years ago they made the smart decision of buying the brewery next door and Volstead Brewing was born. It was a natural progression for owner Jason Ray to start brewing their own beers after many years of serving (and sampling) the best beers round. He bought brewer Mike Cheer in to get things set up and together they quickly started cranking out world class brews. So far Volstead have focussed on hop forward styles and embraced the use of Kveik yeast strains (learn more about kveik in the Beer Jerk Podcast). We're very happy to see their beer in cans so that those of us outside Christchurch can enjoy it too.

BEER // A century ago Baltimore journalist HL Mencken was said to be the most powerful private citizen in the USA and was known as the "American Nietzsche". He was also an enthusiastic drinker with mmany of his essays and articles focussing on booze. In one he coined the word 'ombibulous' whan he said "I'm ombibulous. I drink every known alcoholic drink and enjoy them all.". This West Coast IPA will not be for everyone. It is jam packed with American hops which sit atop an old school (well, California circa 2000) big malty body. It's bitter but balanced with lovely resinous pine tree notes. We are huge fans and are hoping Jason will re-brew it at some point. Mencken Day is celebrated each year on the Saturday closest to his birthday of September 12th so be sure to raise a glass to his memory this weekend.

BREWERIES // Volstead
BEER // Mr. Ombibulous
ORIGIN // Christchurch
ABV // 6.7%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - 30mins out of the fridge

FOOD MATCH // Southern Fried Cauliflower. Sticky Smoked Pork BellyBaked CamembertVanilla Creme Brûlée
VESSEL // Tulip, IPA Glass
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