Beer #338 - Whistling Sisters & Small Gods / Mother Maiden Crone

Beer #338 - W/C 9 August 2021

BREWERIES // Whistling Sisters Russel & Elwyn Scott have been stalwarts of the Wellington hospitality industry since the 1980’s when they created The Backbencher pub (along with Wellington’s most fun political party). Whistling Sisters honours their daughter Karen Louisa with profits going to a foundation in her name to support research into advanced breast cancer. The Scott’s partner is Bede who had spent many years at Lion Nathan where he witnessed first hand the changing tastes moving away from bland, soulless macro beer toward more refined and flavoursome brews. Head brewer is Padmal, a qualified Master Brewer who has brewed in Sri Lanka, Germany, Japan, India & Australia. He is ably supported by Logan, an extremely hard working and enthusiastic young brewer.
Small Gods is a brewing project from the boundary pushing team at Beer Jerk dedicated to collaborative, historical and experimental brewing aiming to keep history alive by bringing ancient beer styles and fascinating legends to light with a modern twist. It all started in the kitchens on Beer Jerk co-founders Luke & Brent 8 years ago and they decided to scale things up a couple of years back after being joined by talented homebrewer Matt. Not many people were brewing Mummes, Milds or decoction Rauchbiers so they decided to partner with their brewer friends around the country to change that.

BEER // With Small Gods' innovative approach to flavour, Padmal's experience of brewing Belgian styles and Logan's commitment to the Maillard process and making Candi sugar, Mother Maiden Crone was always going to be a winner. In Belgium beers lower than 8% are referred to as 'sports drinks' and Tripels are one of the most popular styles. The name refers to the amount of pilsner malt used in the brew - they use thrice the amount of a Table Beer resulting in triple the alcohol and rich flavours. Mother Maiden Crone was brewed the traditional way using hand made Candi sugar (a sucrose that has undergone a Maillard reaction) for flavour, to elevate the ABV and result in a dry finish. The spicy notes of the yeast are enhanced by the addition of coriander and a very delicate helping of black, white and pink peppercorns. It's big and complex yet somehow also classy and more-ish.

This beer will develop and improve as it ages over the next few years. Not many cans remain and it's exclusive to Beer Jerk, you can grab a few for your cellar from our webshop.

We look forward to seeing what you all think in the Beer Jerk Members Facebook Group. If you enjoy the beer, be sure to check it in on Untappd!

BREWERIES // Whistling Sisters & Small Gods
BEER // Mother Maiden Crone
STYLE // Tripel
ORIGIN // Wellington
ABV // 8%
TEMPERATURE // Cellar Temp - around 10-13C. About an hour out of the fridge

FOOD MATCH // Roasted Venison. Coconut Basil Curry. Caramelised Orange Cheesecake.
GLASS // Tulip. Chalice