Beer #336 - Urbanaut / Miami Twice

Beer #336 - W/C 26 July 2021

BREWERY // We love all our brewers equally and definitely don't have favourites. Urbanaut have a very special place in our heart though and Beer Jerk used to share a building with them when they launched 4 years ago. The original team are Bruce, Simon and Thomas who became friends during their days at Rangitikei College and they've been joined by a fantastically talented crew over the years. Brewer Bruce honed his craft working with legendary breweries Fullers and Meantime in London while Simon and Thomas ran a property development company so their combined skills came in handy when converting an old props hire warehouse into a sparkling Kingsland brewery & taproom at the end of the Auckland Beer Mile.

BEER // Bruce has a deep love of well crafted lagers and you'll always find beautiful lagers at the core of the Urbanaut range. Their dry Miami Brut Lager became an instant smashable favourite when it was released in those #CUTEAF little cans. For their 4th birthday party they celebrated by releasing a double version of Miami which is just as crisp and bright but with twice the malt and hops. Brut beers have an enzyme added which is produced by the fungus Aspergillus Niger. This breaks down the barley starches into sugars that are easier for the yeasts to convert to alcohol, resulting in an especially dry light bodied beer. Miami Twice has minimal residual sugar but a heavy dosing of hops which take centre stage in all their tropical glory. It is most definitely a party starter beer being completely more-ish with very well hidden 8%.

BREWERY // Urbanaut
BEER // Miami Twice
STYLE // Double Brut Lager
ORIGIN // Auckland
ABV // 8%
TEMPERATURE // Cold- around 7C
FOOD MATCH // Oysters. Paprika Crisps. Spiced Ginger Loaf. Aged Brie

VESSEL // Lager or Pilsner Glass