Beer #333 - Malt Kult X Small Gods / Satan Satan Satan

Beer #333 - W/C 5 July 2021

BREWERY // Small Gods is a brewing project dedicated to collaborative, historical and experimental beers aiming to keep history alive by bringing these recipes and legends into the modern age. It was the name of Beer Jerk co-founders, Luke & Brent's, home brewery and it stuck when Matt joined the team and they decided to scale up. They don't brew at home much these days but fortunately have access to contract breweries as well as those belonging to friends around the country who are surprisingly happy to oblige in collaborating on weird and hard to sell beers.
Maltkult is the highly skilled brewing consultant Mike Cheer. Mike might be the best brewer you’ve never heard of. Having cut his teeth at the likes of Harrington’s and spent time at perfectionist contract facility Steam he has a legendary reputation in the beer industry for his technical knowledge and precision. He has consulted internationally and was recently brewing at Volstead in Christchurch. Outside of beer his reputation on the Christchurch Metal scene is equally as prodigious.

BEER // The old goat stirs. Born of fire he beckons forth fury with rains of brimstone and salt. Satan Satan Satan is a Gunpowder Bock, a classic German strong dark lager style, sacrilegiously perverted with the three classic ingredients of traditional Black Powder - Sulphur, Saltpetre and Carbon. With a clean, vibrant malt profile supported by subtle spice, a savoury note and a moreish dry finish it’s a unique beer. It was lagered for an extended period to ensure clarity of flavour and a dry finish. This malty lager is surprisingly sessionable with the gunpowder adding a touch of complexity - charred smoke, brimstone and spicy mineral notes. Designed to ease humanity’s passing into the end times.

BREWERIES // Small Gods x Maltkult
BEER // Satan Satan Satan
STYLE // Gunpowder Bock
ORIGIN // Auckland
ABV // 7.2%
FOOD MATCH // Almond Butter on Toast. Jerk Chicken Sandwich. Gouda
VESSEL // Pilsner Glass. Hollowed-out Skull