Beer #331 - Canyon / Stunt Juice

Beer #331 - W/C 21 June 2021

BREWERY // Canyon opened their doors in Winter 2018 as a brewpub and restaurant in an incredible and unique location. Perched in the canyon of Arthur’s Point near Queenstown, the beer garden overlooks the fast flowing Shotover river with views of occasional jetboats and adrenaline junkies swinging from the canyon bridge. It was started by the people behind local family-owned tourism company Real Journeys. After the tourism year from hell of 2020 they decided to sell up and local hospitality expert James Nicholson couldn’t pass up the opportunity. With his business partners he took over around the start of this year and quickly set about growing the operation. Canyon has always been a favourite for locals and visitors but Covid has meant they’re also working on getting their beers around the country by canning more beers and ramping up the output of seasonals. It truly is a microbrewery with a small 700L brewhouse and just a handful of fermentation vessels which means head brewer Kit Clinton-Baker can brew small batches often to hone recipes and also trial new one-off beers.

BEER // This is no ordinary Pilsner. While is was fermented with a lager yeast and cold stored (aka lagered), Canyon decided to elevate the malt bill with oats and wheat to give it more of a round, full body than would be found in a traditional Pils. Stunt Juice is very heavily hopped with Taiheke and Nelson Sauvin which is particularly prominent adding a distinctive white grape, gooseberry twist that would also shock a European Pilsner enthusiast. It's more like a quaffable flavour-packed hazy Pale Ale but there's no point getting hung up on semantics when the beer is this tasty. This hugely aromatic beer that will pair well with food. Or another few cans.

BEER // Stunt Juice
STYLE // Hazy Hoppy Pilsner
ORIGIN // Queenstown
ABV // 4.6%
FOOD MATCH // Tandoori Tuna Steak. Bratwurst. BBQ Haloumi & Broccoli. Burgers. Rosemary Shortbread.

VESSEL // Tall Pilsner Glass