Beer #328 - Emporium / Breath of Columbanus

Beer #328 - W/C 31 May 2021

NOTE: This Beer Jerk exclusive was bottle conditioned. As it is fresh and it's been so cold, you may need to awaken the yeast to ensure there is enough carbonation. You can simply leave the bottle somewhere warm for a day and then put it in the fridge an hour before you drink it. We know it's not ideal but that's the nature of hand crafted, small batch products.

BREWERY // As the owners of a successful Christchurch homebrew shop, it seemed a natural progression for Paul & Laura Finney to launch Emporium Brewing in 2015. Initially they contract brewed beers but they soon started the search for a site of their own. They discovered the perfect spot in Kaikoura just metres from the ocean. It had the added bonus of a (rather overgrown) mini golf course on the property which they lovingly renovated as well as setting up escape rooms. And five weeks after they opened their doors the big earthquake hit. Emporium beers can be hard to find outside of Kaikoura so we recommend grabbing them whenever you spot them - especially their seasonal, wild fermented and barrel aged beers. Of course, the best place to find Emporium beers is to pop in and see Finney himself and get a flagon filled at the brewery taproom. And the best time to visit is early March when they host a mini beer festival with fellow local brewers - Kegkoura. We'll see you there next year.

BEER // Tripels are to Belgians what IPAs are to Californians. First brewed by trappist monks, this unique style has become one of the most iconic and popular beer styles. The name refers to the amount of pilsner malt used in the brew - a Tripel uses thrice the amount of a Table Beer resulting in triple the alcohol and rich flavours. Traditionally Candi sugar is used for flavour and to elevate the ABV but Emporium swapped it out for locally sourced Kaikoura honey. The honey gives this beer a distinct flavour and initial sweetness which gives way to a dry finish. Floral hops are also present alongside the characteristic spicy, fruity esters from the Belgian yeast. We were extremely excited when Finney suggested brewing a Tripel for our subscribers. As the brew day fell on the 1,064th anniversary of the day St. Columbanus became a hermit, the name was an obvious choice.

BREWERY // Emporium
BEER // Breath of Columbanus
STYLE // Tripel
ORIGIN // Kaikoura
ABV // 9.8%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - around 10C
FOOD MATCH // Roasted Venison. Coconut Basil Curry. Caramelised Orange Cheesecake.
VESSEL // Tulip. Chalice