Beer #325 - Baylands / 500 Barleywine

Beer #325 - W/C 10 May 2021

BREWERY // After 22 years working in IT, Aidan decided to follow his passion for beer and started brewing commercially in his double garage on Baylands Drive. He partnered up with with his friend (and former colleague) Steve and the rest is history. From their start in 2012, their beers quickly gained a following and more than a few awards. They've scaled up a couple of times since then and the brewery is now based in Petone along with a tasting room where you can sample all their latest brews. The team are especially involved with the home-brewing community and always willing to share their knowledge and passion with home brewers. 2021 is a year of growth for Baylands and over the coming months they'll be doubling the size of their brewhouse and scaling up their brewery bar.

BEER // A Barleywine is kind of what it sounds like - a wine-strength beer that supposedly originated during the 18th Century as English brewers sought to replace French wine in the hearts (and on the dinner tables) of nobility. As England was often at war with France, supply lines of claret were often cut and Barleywine was a very adequate stand-in. This high alcohol comes from using a lot of malt in the mash, double that of a standard beer. As well as warm booziness, all that malt makes for glorious complexity of flavour. Rich citrus and dried fruit fruitcake is at the forefront of 500 alongside light brown sugar notes. This isn't a classic Barleywine though, it's an American. Which means it also has a shedload of hops which add another layer of fresh citrus flavours and a little bitterness. This is the 500th gyle (or brew) at Baylands' current Petone location and is a beer worthy of celebration.

BREWERY // Baylands
BEER // 500
STYLE // American Barleywine
ORIGIN // Petone, Wellington
ABV // 11%
TEMPERATURE // Cupboard temperature. 14-17C

FOOD MATCH // Toad in the Hole. Roasted Almonds. Stilton. Goat Cheese & Fig White Pizza.
VESSEL // Snifter, Tulip, Wine Glass