Beer #318 - Abandoned / APA

Beer #318 - W/C 22 March 2021

// An abandoned brewery in an old fish factory in Lower Hutt had been left for dead. It was up for sale but nobody saw the potential - they just saw the cobwebs, grime and an half-forgotten jumble of mis-matched parts. But Tim Ward saw potential. With zero brewing experience but over 20 years in the Wellington hospitality scene he snapped up that old brewhouse for a song, partnered with a champion home-brewer and got to work. Abandoned is built on an underdog never-say-die philosophy of self belief and they relish any opportunity to stick it to 'the man'. Their Instagram account has nothing to do with beer, it's a baffling and somewhat enigmatic gallery of photographs of random abandoned warehouses. At Beervana last year they dressed as janitors and poured beers from steaming dumpsters. If you think that's odd, you should see the stock emails they send to trade customers...

BEER // Sometime in the 1970s an Iowan named Fritz Maytag took a sip of a traditional English Pale Ale in Burton-on-Trent and knew Americans needed to experience the joy of bright, floral hoppiness in a full bodied beer. Upon returning to his San Francisco brewery, Anchor, he set to work creating his own take on the style and the American Pale Ale was born. APAs are all about balance and this one from Abandoned is an excellent example - it's flavour filled yet drinkable. There's a nice slightly sweet toffee maltiness that compliments the mango and tropical fruit notes of the hops.  

BREWERY // Abandoned
STYLE // American Pale Ale
ORIGIN // Lower Hutt
ABV // 5.4%
TEMPERATURE // Cool- 8-12C
FOOD MATCH // Cheese on toast with spicy chutney. Cajun Chicken. Thai Green Curry
VESSEL // IPA Glass, Pilsner Glass