Beer #304 - Sailor's Grave / Into The Pines

Beer #304 - W/C 14 December 2020

 // A treacherous cove at Cape Conran is the inspiration for the name and the spirit of Sailor’s Grave, brews inspired by the ocean and rural living. A sea change and love for beer prompted Chris & Gab Moore to start their brewery in East Gippsland in the far South East of Australia. An abandoned butter factory near where Gabs grew up made the perfect spot for their new brewery. Their rural home is located where the Snowy River meets the sea and provides endless inspiration for recipes. From this bountiful land they pick indigenous botanicals in the bush, harvest salt, weed and sea life from from river and ocean, select fruits, grains & produce from local farms & orchards and capture wild yeasts from their backyard.

BEER // It's a little surprising that more beers aren't made with mushrooms. They're a wonderfully rich, unique ingredient and the savoury umami notes that can compliment darker beers. Into The Pines is reminiscent of an English brown ale with a little sweetness and the lovely bready notes typical to the style. Brewer Chris decided pine needles and slippery jack mushrooms would compliment his 'forest ale' so went foraging in the woods with his mates from Hogget Kitchen to find some. The additions are subtle but the earthy forest flavours compliment the brown ale perfectly.

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BREWERY // Sailors Grave
BEER // Into The Pines
STYLE // Forest Ale
ORIGIN // Gippsland, Australia
ABV // 5.4%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. Around 10C
FOOD MATCH // Ploughman's Lunch. Asparagus & Onion Tart. Bangers & Mash. Baked Egg Custard
VESSEL // Dimpled Mug. A Large Mushroom