Beer #302 - Alibi / Photosphere

Beer #302 - W/C 30 November 2020

BREWERY // Alibi is the sister of Waiheke Island's Tantalus vineyard and is a strong contender for most photogenically located brewery in NZ. Head brewer Bernard had a background in wine before he started work at Auckland's now defunct Governor Brewery. He fell in love with the creative possibilities of brewing and leapt at the chance to launch Alibi's small but perfectly formed brewery in 2017. As a small brewery with no canning line on faraway Waiheke Island, it's always a special treat to spot Alibi beers out in the wild. It's hard to keep up to all the awards they win but we can't remember the last competition or festival they were part of where they didn't win People's Choice. Bernard was hard at work brewing when I called him today and tells me to expect lots more Alibi releases over the coming months. We can't wait to get back to the island to drink them with him in the Brewer's Lounge.

BEER // To understand Photosphere is to take an intercontinental journey back through time to 1838 when Bavarian brewer Josef Groll was hired by the Bohemian town of Pilsen to teach local brewers the art of 'lagering' or storing in a cool environment. Groll was inspired by the pale, hoppy ales of Burton and created a whole new style utilising the local soft water and spicy Saaz hops. In turn, the German brewers created their own take on the deliciously dry and bitter bottom-fermented Pilsner. German emigrants including Messrs Pabst, Miller, Yuengling, Coors, Anheuser & Busch took Pilsner with them to the USA in the 1800s only to have their offspring steadily destroy it over the next century by using ever cheaper ingredients and production methods. In the past few decades independent American brewers have restored the style to it's former glory creating masterful brews with aromatic dry hopping. Photosphere is made with 3 different German pilsner malts for just a touch of honey sweetness and Czech Saaz hops providing the more-ish bitterness. This crisp dry body was then elevated with the heavy addition of American Citra & Mosaic for the dry hop which give it big aroma and and dank citrus notes. Pilsners - hard to brew but easy to love.

This beer was brewed especially for Beer Jerk and we still have a few cans in stock. Hit our online store if you'd like to grab some more.

BREWERY // Alibi
BEER // Photosphere
STYLE // California Pilsner
ORIGIN // Waiheke Island
ABV // 5.2%
TEMPERATURE // Cold. Around 5C
FOOD MATCH // Tandoori Tuna Steak. Bratwurst. BBQ Haloumi & Broccoli. Burgers. Rosemary Shortbread.
VESSEL // Tall Pilsner Glass