Beer #294 - Deeds / Double Time

Beer #294 - W/C 5 October 2020

BREWERY // In 2003 engineering students Patrick Alé and David Milstein began planning a brewery whilst studying in Melbourne. It turns out building a brewery is pretty expensive so they started a distribution company instead. After a few years of hard graft they saw success with the brands they'd introduced to Australia (especially a little Swedish cider company named Rekorderlig) and were ready to start brewing. in 2012 they began contract brewing and in 2015 they found the perfect site for their brewery. Little did they suspect it would be a further 4 years before they could start brewing on the site due to council red tape, asbestos and their brewhouse manufacturer going bust. In the past year they have made up for lost time cranking our a constant stream of innovative new beers and have quickly become one of Australia's most exciting breweries. Their application for a brewery taproom has just been approved and it's gone straight the top of our 'places to visit when we can leave New Zealand' list.

BEER // Good things take time and the name of this beer is a nod to the long journey it took to get things up and running. Double Time is a celebration of American hop varieties Mosaic, Citra & Simcoe which are liberally dry hopped into a very drinkable 4.6% package. The home brewers among us know that higher abv brews are better suited to hop-forward beers and it takes real skill to craft a well rounded Pale Ale with decent body into a sub-5%er. Plenty of wheat and oats in the maltbill give Double Time a soft, full mouthfeel and haze. Adding the hops right at the end of the brew results in none of the bitterness of a traditional IPA but loads and loads of piney, citrus aroma with grassy, piney, grapefruit flavours. 

BREWERY // Deeds
BEER // Double Time
STYLE // Hazy Pale Ale
ORIGIN // Melbourne
ABV //  4.6%
TEMPERATURE // Cool - around 10C
FOOD MATCH // Coconut Poached Fish. Kumara Chips. Waffles w. Grilled Peaches.