Beer #286 - Eddyline / Crank Juice

Beer #286 - W/C 10 August 2020

BREWERY // In the mid 90's Nic & Molly Heynekamp were kayaking in Colorado when inspiration struck to open a brewpub. As you cross the eddyline of a fast moving river to sheltered waters you can take a break as the river rushes past. Which is a little like sitting in a pub while the world passes by. They opened a brewpub in New Mexico in 1999 then opened Eddyline Brewery in Colorado in 2009. As lovers of beer and adventure, Nic & Molly moved to Nelson 5 years ago where they quickly embraced the local opportunities provided by mountains, forests, ocean and hop farms. Nelson is bursting with hop gardens and Eddyline work closely with local hop growers trialling new varieties. After a few years of experimenting with different releases and listening to customers they recently scaled up and started canning last year. Next time you're in Nelson, be sure to pay a visit to their brewpub for some great beers, pizza and pointers on where to ride, kayak and surf.

BEER // Crank Yanker is an old Eddyline core favourite. Upon opening Eddyline in Nelson, Nic brewed the flagship beer to his original Coloradan recipe but steadily tweaked it to embrace local water, malts and drinker preferences. The NZ version is now pretty different with more malt and restrained hop bitterness. It's a solid favourite so they decided to have some fun and remix it with triple dry hopping regime to add plenty of aroma and flavour while keeping the bitterness in check. The water chemistry was tweaked to enhance the juicy, full bodied mouthfeel and finally they added peach and pineapple juice to the mix to result in a big ol' succulent fruit cocktail of an IPA.

BREWERY // Eddyline
BEER // Crank Juice
STYLE // Fruit IPA
ORIGIN // Nelson
ABV //  6.8%
TEMPERATURE // Cool. 10-13 C
FOOD MATCH // Spicy beetroot, kumara, kidney bean & ginger burger. Seafood & Pineapple Fried Rice. Coconut Panna Cotta.