Beer #277 - Molly Rose / Peachy Skies

Beer #277 - W/C 15 June 2020

BREWERY // After travelling the world investigating beer, working in breweries all over Australia and even a spell in the wine industry, Nic Sandery knew it was time to make his own beers using all the knowledge he had collected. He wrote down the values he wanted this new brewery to stand for - honesty, hospitality, humbleness, hard work and ingenuity - and realised these were all traits instilled in him by his grandmothers Molly and Rose. Cuisine, science and different international beer cultures all influence Nic's brews. A trip to Japan informed his dark lager, travelling the US helped him perfect his IPAs and most of all he takes inspiration from the wide and varied beers of Belgium which have influenced his wild ferment, sour and farmhouse ales. We can't wait for borders to open again so we can go back to Collingwood to drink beers with Nic in his cellar taproom.

BEER // A long time ago, before Monster Energy was invented, the farm labourers of Northern Europe would slake their thirst with lashings of nourishing ale. These farmhouse ales were brewed on site using wheat and barley grown in the surrounding fields meaning the beers would be different from farm to farm and season to season. The rounded Saison-like body of Peachy Skies helps with the impression of peach flesh and furry skin. The slightly spicy esters from the farmhouse yeast also compliments the juicy peach notes perfectly. We also get a little lemon and melon and the quenching acid finish will make you wish you had more than one can (fortunately we have a few left in the webstore). Nic suggests Peachy Skies is best enjoyed at sunset with friends and we'e inclined to agree.

BREWERY // Molly Rose
BEER // Peachy Skies
STYLE // Peach Farmhouse Ale
ORIGIN // Collingwood, Melbourne
ABV //  5.2%
FOOD MATCH // Mushroom Pie. Roast Chicken & Garlic. Cheese & Mustard. Grilled Peaches & Mascarpone.
VESSEL // Tulip