Beer #273 - Brekeriet / Mimosa

Beer #273 - W/C 18th May 2020

BREWERY // The Ek brothers (Fredrik, Christian and André) started Brekeriet in the small village of Djurslöv outside of Malmö in Autumn 2012. Brekeriet is the only brewery in Sweden to exclusively ferment beer using wild yeast and/or bacteria. In the early days of the brewery, they got hit by an infection of wild Brettanomyces yeast while experimenting with barrel fermentation. This would have been a disaster for most other breweries but the bothers Ek embraced the sourness and built a portfolio of beers around their new microscopic friends. To keep things interesting, they regularly incorporate wild local fruits and berries into their beers too. Brekeriet have a very limited production and we're absolutely delighted to have some of their beer in New Zealand.

BEER // I've never tried a sea buckthorn berry so I looked it up - apparently they are quite tart and taste like bitter lemon with a touch of mango. So it's small wonder the brewers were inspired to pair it with orange zest in a lively wild fermented ale to create a beer that brings to mind a Mimosa cocktail of Champagne and orange juice. Brettanomyces (British Fungus) is the tentpole this beer it built around. Brett was was found in many beers before Louis Pasteur isolated yeast strains and brewers began favouring certain varieties. Brett is known as a spoiling agent in wines and many beer styles due to the funky flavours it imparts which can bring to mind sweaty horse blankets and band-aids. Belgian Lambic breweries have always loved Brett and, in recent years, breweries the world over have embraced it. The yeast produces acetic acid which results in tart, sour flavours which are a perfect choice to compliment the citrus fruit flavours. Beers made with Brett are highly attenuated and the dry finish works as a good foil for the sweet fruit juice notes. A fun, complex and very special beer. Skål!

BREWERY // Brekeriet
BEER // Mimosa
STYLE // Wild Ale
ORIGIN // Landskrona, Sweden
ABV //  6.5%
TEMPERATURE // Cool- 8-10C
FOOD MATCH // Brunch w. Eggs. Bagel w. Cream Cheese. Bacon Sandwich. Belgian Waffles & Berries.
VESSEL // Goblet. Wine Glass